Episode 1 – How could I let it get this bad?

In my first episode, I attempt to answer how someone could allow themselves to become morbidly obese, and also discuss how I decided to get into Intermittent Fasting.

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12 thoughts on “Episode 1 – How could I let it get this bad?”

  1. Hey Keith (aka Captain Quebec lol)

    It’s Alex, how are you doing?! Just heard your podcast! I feel for you. As much it’s a physical struggle, it’s also a mental battle. It’s crazy how your mind, body, even you Soul is connected as one emotion roller coaster.

    I’m internally a emotion guy and I suffer from depression. Also, I have arthritis on both my legs as well. With all that, I’d get moody, feel shitty, feel emotional. Usually people would ease their sorrow with alcohol or drugs or whatever addictive motive. Mainly for me, it’s food. I can eat meals upon meals and that would make me happy. Even when I’m full, I just wanna eat. It’s so bad, I reached about +300 lbs, but ideally for guy with my stature, it’s not good. But as of now, I’m about 250, but I’ve notice at time that my weight tends to go up and down. I’d like to be at a comfortable 200. I do watch what I eat now and cut down on the carbs and red meat. The main thing that’s been helping me (and that’s been working) is not drinking soft drink/soda, drinking lots of water and not on the chocolates. Start with the little things.

    Every person have their struggles in life, but what I try to do is, for starters, just take everything one day at a time. I try to keep my composure, be compassionate all around and have all the positive (and important) things in front of me to keep focus, like family, close friends, goals and music. If you can shut out anything negative burden in your life, that would most certainly help! My new therapeutic thing I like to do is travel! The past 3 years I’ve to different cities and might so many people. It also helped me over come my shyness!

    So you see, there’s light at the end of the tunnel. Yes, losing weight and maintaining a healthy life, it’s a battle physically and mentally. And it’s will always be like that. But if you can just work on the short term goals, you’ll eventually see the big picture! I hope this message can give you some perspective. I’ll definitely be listen to you podcast and hearing you progress! Don’t be shy to reach to me and if you wanna talk! Royal Rumble is coming up, you have you got to win it this year?! I’m pulling for anything that’s not Roman Reigns lol! And as for the woman’s, I’ll take Nia Jaxx!

    Take care Bro! And keep up the good work!


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    1. Hey man! Thanks so much for reaching out and sharing how you’ve been dealing with your own struggle! I really appreciate the kind words an encouragement:) – Side note I agree with the Nia pick and on the men’s side I’m hoping for a shocker.


  2. This is so inspiring Keith! You are a natural behind the microphone (but I already knew that). I think your podcast is going to be helpful to many listeners, not only for those of us facing addictions (to food, or alcohol, drugs, shopping, sex, posting selfies,…), but to anyone dealing with life challenges really. The manner in which you are so brutally honest and transparent, somehow forces us to do some self reflection as well… but while bringing our guards down. It’s humbling. Wow. Congratulations on all of your success and all the best with all of your goals, and your Podcast!
    “Not bitter: better”.

    Hats off to you, and thank you for sharing your journey with us!


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  3. I think you will become the ONE man in 12 million to succeed in losing the weight and keeping it off because you now have the drive to do so. And definitely the support. I will be cheering you on. I will listen to your journey and hold you accountable—no bullshitting.

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  4. You found that Joe Rogan podcast bcuz you put that energy out there. You wanted to do something….you were looking for solutions and researching options. So the universe responded back to you. I believe in that. I’m very amazed at your progress. Keep it up.

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